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  Updated: April 18, 2016 
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2016 Theme Days

Our Theme Days have been so popular the last few years that we'll continue the tradition this year!

Every 4th Sunday of the month we will celebrate special themedays to highlight certain types of trains. Click on the links below to see photos of past theme days! Some of those can't be seen every day, so be sure not to miss our 2016 Theme Days!

Y2016 Dates Theme Days
(click links below for Y2009 pictures!)
April 24 Unit Train Day
May 22 Amtrak Day
June 26 ATSF/BNSF Day
July 24 Steam/Transition Era Day
August 28 UP/WP Day
September 25 Passenger Day
October 23 Southern Pacific Day
November 27 "Foreign to California" Day


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